Diary of a New Parent

Sometimes we don’t see when we are overwhelmed, or we see it, but we don’t stop to take a moment to rest and regroup. It is so important to check in with yourself regularly regarding possible signs of sleep deprivation, postpartum depression or anxiety.

I categorize common triggers for overwhelm in new parenthood as “FUSS”.

F- eeding U- understanding S- leeping S- cheduling

Feeding: If you find the act of breastfeeding or pumping has become triggering for you, you are not producing enough milk, the latch is bad, it hurts, consider handing off Baby to a support person, or a safe place like a bassinet or crib, and taking a well-earned break. If repeatedly attempting to breastfeed is too difficult emotionally, engage a lactation consultant. You may consider exclusively pumping or talking to your healthcare provider about supplementing. Keep up your milk supply by pumping to give you options if/when you feel ready to try again. Meanwhile, spend lots of time cuddling with your baby and do skin-to-skin frequently.

Read more at: https://www.seleni.org/advice-support/2018/3/13/breastfeeding-and-postpartum-depression Understanding your Baby: https://www.whattoexpect.com/first-year/week-10/decoding-cries.aspxhttp://www.purplecrying.info/ Sleeping: https://www.parents.com/parenting/moms/healthy-mom/the-tired-moms-guide-to-better-sleep/ Scheduling: https://www.happiestbaby.com/blogs/baby/baby-schedule

For more information on perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, there is good information at https://www.knowppd.com/patient-materials/.

Also, see Postpartum Support International (PSI) for more information.

Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders are real, common and treatable. We see you.

Recommended books on the topic, below.

"Strong as a Mother" by Kate Rope

“Good Moms Have Scary Thoughts: A Healing Guide to the Secret Fears of New Mothers” by Karen Kleiman.

"The Postpartum Husband: Practical Solutions for living with Postpartum Depression"

by Karen R. Kleiman

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