Are you struggling to find harmony at home?

Is there a lot of bad behaving, back talk and disrespect?

Do the milestones feel more like a minefield?

Are the toddlers or teenagers in your home making you crazy? A study showed that "depression is actually most common among mothers of middle school children as they catapult into the tween years". Studies suggest that support from other parents may even out your relationship at home.​​


  • Identify relationship patterns within family that cause individual hardship and the system to breakdown

  • Identify what is working within your family so that we can repeat successes

  • Define your individual and family goals

  • Specify a plan of action so that you know what to do next

  • Work on positive communication so that you turn conflict constructive

  • Evaluate your progress so that you can celebrate it together

No Secrets Policy for Couples and Families

When a couple or family enters into counseling, it is considered to be one unit. This means that my allegiance is to the couple or family “unit,” and not to the individuals. I find this is particularly important in creating a space where everyone can feel safe. Therefore, I adhere to a strict “No Secrets” policy. This means that I will not hold secrets for individuals. This policy is intended to allow me to continue to treat the couple or family by preventing, to the extent possible, a conflict of interest to arise where an individual’s interests may not be consistent with the interests of the unit being treated.

On occasion during the counseling process, individuals of the unit may be seen for an individual counseling session. In this case, the individual session is still considered as part of the couple’s or family’s counseling relationship. Information disclosed during individual sessions may be relevant or even essential to the proper treatment of the couple or family. If an individual chooses to share such information with me, I will offer the individual every opportunity to disclose the relevant information and will provide guidance in this process. If the individual refuses to disclose this information within the couple’s or family’s session, I may determine that it is necessary to discontinue the counseling relationship.


If there is information that an individual desires to address within a context of individual confidentiality, I will be happy to provide referrals to therapists who can provide concurrent individual therapy. This policy is intended to maintain the integrity of the couples/family counseling relationship.


In addition to providing family therapy, I am also trained and experienced as an instructor for 123 Magic and Parenting with Love and Logic, which I implement into coaching sessions.

Problem Solving

Coaching is great for solving problems because it guides and supports you to clarify the problems, identify powerful strategies to solve them, and specify relevant and realistic actions to implement those strategies. 


Support and accountability to each other, your therapist and other parents can be used to encourage you to actually apply the content that you got from education provided in person.

Team building and Networking

A strong focus on helping each other can quickly form a close and confidential bond in which parents come to rely on each other to achieve goals by sharing open and honest feedback and useful resources among each other.

Skill building

Coaching has been proven to be a powerful means to cultivate change in people.  Parents not only get coached, but they practice coaching techniques with their children.

Leadership Skills

There are many skills that parents will develop including asking for and accepting help, listening, asking good questions, action planning and learning from reflection. 


Parent and parent group coaching are interactive and filled with the creative force of minds coming together to encourage change in each other. There is often as much laughter as there is learning.

Group (or parent) coaching involves weekly sessions for a period of 2-3 months (depending on topic). Each session is approximately 60-90 minutes. Work within the sessions is a combination of education, activities and discussion. Contact me if there is a topic for group coaching you would like to be considered for a customized group.


The Our Home Runs program focuses on family bonding and is built around a baseball theme in which parents are compared with coaches and the kids are compared to players. The Home Runs program applies to family relationships to strengthen the ways that families communicate, respect, work and play together, support and build family resilience, and express affection and affirmation. The Our Home Runs program is suitable for two-parent, single-parent and co-parent families. Entire families should attend with children ages 4-5 years old and older (this is up to the discretion of parents). The course has many activities for the entire family to do together. In addition, there are activities just for kids and some just for parents.

Our Home Run Five Session Class (10 hour commitment). Nonrefundable payment must be made in full at time of registration. Must be 18 to register.


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